3rd Eye Guardian v5 (Premium) APK FULL

3rd Eye Guardian v5 (Premium) APK FULL


This is a meditation app that will over time help you sleep better, relax, awaken the third eye and be at one with yourself. The Third eye is a mystical, invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight and sound. The 3rd eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms of consciousness.The 528 frequency contained in this app awakens the third eye. According to theory, Humans in far ancient times had a third eye. To the Hindus it was the Brow Chakra. Today it is known as the Pineal Gland. It is believed that by tuning into the gland via a 528 frequency over time you will regain the third eye.

You are now a Guardian of the 3rd Eye. You may want to start with the meditation Nataraja and then progress onto
one of the four Gong baths to awaken the 3rd Eye. These are very powerful meditations from Ancient Times. The 528 Hertz Chime is a real instrument played by Ancient Healers for thousands of years. The Gong baths are intense waves of sound each containing a different message and different healing frequencies. If you feel a hand upon your head when listening to these powerful meditations this is a Crown Chakra Block. When you feel the hand is removed the 3rd Eye will awaken. Have you ever sensed that people were staring at you. This is the 3rd Eye at work. This is only 1% of 3rd Eye Power. Imagine how much more you can achieve. Destiny is when preparation meets opportunity. Good Luck fellow Guardian.

The Gong Baths can last up to 50 minutes on average. There are various moments of long silence and these are also part of the meditation. So do not think the app has stopped. Silence is an important element of meditation.

Simply Click Play: Listen, and Relax.

Features 3 pre-installed different ambient meditations to suit your mood or environment and you can download 12 more meditations. This allows the app download size to be minimal. There are 4 Gong baths each on average 50 minutes long. You can get a shorter free sample on our free app The 3rd Eye.

The app includes a sleep timer which you can set from 15 to 300 minutes. Start the app, relax, fall asleep and the app will automatically switch off.

Each of the 12 premium tracks can be selected and previewed for free in 3rd Eye app. Just follow the onscreen instructions.



3rd Eye Guardian v5 (Premium) APK FULL