4G Fast Speed Browser v1.8 APK FULL

4G Fast Speed Browser v1.8 APK FULL

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4G Fast Speed Browser is a smart FREE web browser which surprise you with quality and faster internet. Try new LTE internet browser 4G Fast Speed Browser for tablets and phones based on Android! Faster internet for your favorite sites and faster speed provides safety. With 4G Fast Speed Browser your device reach a new level!

Features ( Include Pro) :

  • Lightweight browser with the fast internet and powerful SPEED!
  • Full internet security
  • Fast Speed even if you load many pistures at once
  • Private view of pages
  • The number of internet tabs is not limited
  • Use Night Mode for comfortable browsing at night
  • Reading mode detects main content of the page and hides all unnecessary elements
  • Stylish and simple interface
  • Easy upgrade of Facebook and Twitter!

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4G Fast Speed Browser v1.8 APK FULL