A41 WatchFace for Android Wear v6.9.0 APK

A41 WatchFace for Android Wear v6.9.0 APK


Custom watch face for Rectangle Android Wear


  • Awesome designer’s watch face for you.
  • Allow you to edit LED color
  • show wear’s battery level (0%-100%)
  • show mobile phone’s battery level (0%-100%)

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It will be installed on your watch automatically from your phone paired with your watch after a short time and please wait.
After installation,you can choose the watch face from the setting menu.
Or just long tap on the current watch face screen,so watch face selector screen will open.

Support 12Hours/Military time format
You can choose between three types of time format.

  • 12Hours ex. ’08:35′ with AM/PM
  • 12Hours ex. ‘8:35’ with AM/PM (No zero in front of times)
  • 24Hours(military time)

Settings:Support color mode changing

  • Auto switch Color mode and Black-and-White mode (when dimmed)
  • Always Black and White mode

Settings:Support Black-and-White mode’s color change

  • You can select Black-and-White mode color from among seven colors.
    Select ‘Color filter at the time of the Black-and-White mode’ on the setup screen.






A41 WatchFace for Android Wear v6.9.0 APK