Acorn Icon Pack v2.7 (Paid) APK

Acorn Icon Pack v2.7 (Paid) APK


It’s still in beta so there’s just over 620 at the moment, but there’s plenty more to come. So please do be patient. There’s also 8 awesome wallpapers to make your setups look awesome 😉

Also, remember to use the icon request tool to send in your un-themed icons. The waiting time at the moment is just 1 week!

My future plans for acorn include

  •  A new app icon
  •  Get to 800 icons by July
  •  Dashboard tweaks/fixes

Any more ideas or suggestions? Email me: [email protected]

Huge thanks to Tom Wellington, Aidan Follestad and Daniel Ciao for making the epic polar dashboard acorn comes with.






Acorn Icon Pack v2.7 (Paid) APK