AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) v3.1.7 Paid APK

AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) v3.1.7 Paid APK

AirPlay DLNA Receiver

This is the re-publishing of “AirPlay/DLNA Receiver(PRO)” which was first released on Google Play in Oct. 2012 and used to be downloaded for about 8000 times.

Send screen, music, videos, or pictures from your iPhone/iPad/Mac via Apple’s AirPlay(Videos shot by iPhone/iPad/iPod’s camera may not be played smoothly for it has a very large file size).
Or use your Android Phone/Tablet/PC with a compatible DLNA/UPnP app/program to send media directly to or stream from a home media server to “AirPlay/DLNA Receiver” installed on your Android device or phone.
Your “AirPlay/DLNA Receiver” device will show up in your other devices app/program as “ITV@” followed by a number. This is the identifier you will send your media to using your other devices. Follow your third party app/program’s instructions on how to send media from them.


  • Support iOS9(Support AirPlay streaming and mirroring)
  • The FIRST app supporting the latest Youtube AirPlay streaming
  • The FIRST app supporting slideshow for AirPlay photo streaming
  • The FIRST app supporting AirPlay password protect
  • Support DLNA and UPnP
  • The ONLY app supporting both Renderer and Player for Android based TV
  • Directly pull media from DLNA/Samba Server to play
  • Support Windows streaming and mirroring(Working with AirPinPcSender)
  • Support AndroidSender(Android media streaming)
  • Support WiFi AP mode
  • Automatic startup and Service shutdown configurable
  • Audio streaming background played without delay
  • Anti-disturb mode(video is kept playing when the controlling side exits)
  • Continue playing from its previous pause point
  • Support external Player
  • Constant bug fixing and updating within our capability




AirPlay DLNA Receiver 2

AirPlay DLNA Receiver 1

AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO) v3.1.7 Paid APK