AirReceiver v3.1.4 APK FULL

AirReceiver v3.1.4 APK FULL


AirReceiver is a lightweight AirPlay and DMR receiver. It will appear in AirPlay applications (such as itunes) and DMC application(such as WMP12) as a device you can play music/video/photo to. It works in the background, streaming media to your Android device, It’s special suitable for Android TV/Box.


  •  support Youtube video.
  •  support audio sync with other AirExpress devices.
  •  supporting AirMirror. the best performance in the third-party AirPlay application.
  •  fully support IOS8.
  •  support slideshow feature.
  •  Compatibility with AirParrot. you can use AirParrot mirror your PC screen on your Android Tablet.
  •  stream audio/video/photo from AirPlay clients (itunes, iOS, …)
  •  stream audio/video/photo from DLNA clients(WMP12, AirShare,…)
  •  run in the background as a service
  •  configurable network name
  •  can be started on boot
  • Windows Screen Mirror: Download and Install the Free Tools AirSender in your PC( Click the icon of “AirSender” at Windows status bar, select the Device running AirReceiver.





AirReceiver v3.1.4 APK FULL