Anfo Premium v1.3.4 APK

Anfo Premium v1.3.4 APK

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Anfo premium is the perfect app to monitor and control your hardware.

Anfo Premium can give lots of informations about your CPU, each CPU core, RAM, SD cards, your battery etc

Anfo contains 9 widgets, 5 notifications and the application.
You have the choice, keep the informations you need always visible !

Anfo is able to overclock or underclock your cpu. Take the control !!
You have to be root.

Control core
Anfo is also able to disable CPU core on Tegra 3 devices. You have to be root.

Power manager
Tired of your low battery life? Anfo is the best app to increase your battery life !! Why?
Because, by pushing a single button, you can disable everything which need and drain your battery life.

  • wifi
  • bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Data (3G, 4G)
  • Disable CPU core (if your device is a tegra 3 and have root access)
  • Underclock your CPU frequency (if your device have root access)

Task manager
Anfo provides you a efficient task manager. Your can close a running apps or close a running process.

With Anfo Premium you can choose the widget’s design. There is only 3 themes for now but many others are coming !!

Anfo is compatible with tablet(7″ and 10″) and smartphone.

What is the difference between anfo and anfo premium?

  • Theme
  • Overclock
  • Power manager
  • core stats for tegra 3 devices
  • Toggle widget improvement




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Anfo Premium v1.3.4 APK