App Backup Restore Transfer v5.1.3 APK FULL

App Backup Restore Transfer v5.1.3 APK FULL


App Backup Restore Transfer is to Backup & Restore apps/personal information (Call, SMS, Contact), Transfer & Share app/file fast & easy for Android. Save phone space by local, cloud backup, restore, transfer app/file not frequently used. Backup Personal information (Call, SMS, Contact) is available. Transfer, share with 0-Cost between devices. App Backup Restore Transfer supports app/apk/photo/music/video transfer & share.

Please take the SD card out before uninstall our app, or all backups will be deleted due to system restriction. New Request Permission: 1) Location/GPS – Transfer feature. 2) Contact, Call, SMS – Personal Backup feature.

App Backup Restore Transfer cannot backup, restore, transfer, share Data. It only backup, restore, transfer, share Apk/File. Data can only be backup / restore via third party login or app account. App Backup Restore Transfer is not able to backup Game Record due to system restriction.

~ Backup Backup & uninstall backup apps to save space. Auto backup quick & easy. Multi-version apps can be coexisting by backup, restore, transfer. Personal backup (Call, Contact, SMS) is available. Cloud Backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. will be available soon.

~ Restore Restore apk, apps from SD card after backup. Restore and reinstall backup apps any time.

~ Transfer, Share

  •  Easy & Fast transfer, share without Wifi routers.
  •  Backup, transfer, share with 0-cost by simple click!
  •  Transfer, share does not charge money during transfer.
  •  Transfer, share favorites in seconds!
  •  Transfer, share supports App, APK, Photo, Music, Video.

~ All Features

  •  Backup, restore, transfer, share apps to SD card or cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox.
  •  Transfer, Share app/file without routers
  •  Batch backup, restore, transfer, share
  •  One-click Backup, restore, transfer, share
  •  Backup, restore and quick uninstall
  •  Sort restore, backup, transfer, share files by name, date, size
  •  Auto backup, restore with auto backup notification
  •  Show backup, restore apps storage
  •  Multi versions backup, restore, transfer, share
  •  Cloud transfer, cloud backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  •  Transfer, Share backup market link
  •  Auto backup, override old version while restore
  •  Alternative backup path, change backup, restore path
  •  Show last backup, restore size&time
  •  Transfer, share app/apk/photo/music/video
  •  Transfer, share to cloud
  •  Personal Backup (SMS, call, contact) feature



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App Backup Restore Transfer v5.1.3 APK FULL