AR.Pro 3 for Bebop Drones v1.2.6 APK

AR.Pro 3 for Bebop Drones v1.2.6 APK


If you are looking for AR.Pro for V1 and V2 AR.Drones you can find it here:

AR.Pro 3 provides for remote control capabilities of Parrot Bebop V1 and V2 drones. It exposes many of the same functions as Parrot’s own Freeflight application but implements a unique user experience and allows further customization of your drone.


  • PS3 / NVidia Shield / iPega / MOGA gamepad support
  • Intuitive Piloting HUD
  • Customized Wi-Fi settings including MAC filtering, WPA2 and hidden SSID
  • Input Device Deadzone / Sensitivity tuning
  • Combined Yaw / Roll Mixing
  • Google / Bing / Here/ MapQuest / arcGIS Map Management
  • Directed Flight plans
  • Track Me Mode
  • Waypoint Assisted flight plans
  • MAVLINK TM Autonomous Flight Planner and Monitor
  • Firmware Management
  • Full Sky Controller Integration
  • Remote Media Management (includes Flight Data and PNG files)
  • Google Cardboard (VR) Mode
  • Head Controlled Camera Panning
  • Manual Connection options

AR.Pro 3 is in an exciting phase of its development. Over the coming months many new features will be introduced.

AR.Pro 3 will never offer in-app purchases. Once you have purchased AR.Pro 3 you will benefit from all future enhancements without ever having to buy any additional (addon) features / functions.






AR.Pro 3 for Bebop Drones v1.2.6 APK