autoMATE v1.0 Paid APK

autoMATE v1.0 Paid APK


“autoMATE for android, making life a little easier…”

  • autoMATE is all about havin
  • g settings happen automatically, or all-at-once, so you can just get on and enjoy life without spending ages diving through various settings screens constantly to turn things on and off, up and down. How it works is you set up Profiles for different scenarios. For each Profile you define what Settings it changes on your device, and what Triggers the Profile to automatically activate. You can also activate the Profile by simply clicking on it quickly from the Notification Bar.

You can create as many Profiles as you want, with hundreds of different combinations, however you want.

Settings you can change include:

  •  Ringer Mode (Ring, Vibrate, Silent)
  •  Ring & Notification Volume
  •  Media Volume
  •  Alarm Volume
  •  Screen Display Brightness
  •  Wifi
  •  Data Connection (mobile data, GPRS, 3G, HSDPA)
  •  Bluetooth

Triggers to activate a Profile include:

  •  Device Startup
  •  Low Battery
  •  Connected to Power
  •  Disconnected from Power
  •  simply clicking it!

To quickly see which Profile is currently active, just drag the Notification Bar and it will show the Profile Name by the autoMate icon. To quickly change profiles, just click this notification and you’ll be taken to your list of profiles where you can quickly and easily select one to change to! It takes a split-second to change all your settings in one go!

More configurable settings, actions, and triggers will be coming soon, so check back later if it doesn’t quite do what you want it to do yet, or drop us an email with your request!






autoMATE v1.0 Paid APK