Autoresponder / SMS Scheduler (Paid) v5.6.0 APK

Autoresponder / SMS Scheduler (Paid) v5.6.0 APK


SMS Auto responder ( text autoresponder), SMS Scheduler, Auto SMS Sender – All-in-One app for all who have busy life style.

SMS Autoresponder for meetings, safe driving, good sleeping, etc. Just turn text auto responder on and it will run in the background and auto reply to calls and texts

  • Able to setup multiple SMS auto responders for auto reply
  • Recurring text auto responders activated at a specific day and time on a scheduled basis.
  • Emergency list – a list of people whose phone calls you will receive any way
  • Personalized list – a list of people whom you want to auto reply with personalized message
  • Don’t Auto Reply list – sms block auto reply- a list of people whose sms/calls, text auto responder won’t reply to
  • You can set text auto responder to send only one auto reply to the same contact during status duration
  • Set text auto responder only to auto reply calls / sms that is your contacts or non-contacts or both
  • Set sms autoresponder to auto reply ONLY calls or ONLY texts or both
  • Silent mode schedule – set ringer mode to silent during status duration or set vibrate mode to silent or torn off both
  • Widget with quick text autoresponder overview
  • Manual status – set default status and turn it on/off manually
  • One touch ON/OFF widget
  • Set alarm for the end of the status – good for “sleeping” status
  • Support for Android 5.0 Lollipop




Autoresponder 2

Autoresponder 1

Autoresponder / SMS Scheduler (Paid) v5.6.0 APK