Bass Boster Pro v2.4.1 APK FULL

Bass Boster Pro v2.4.1 APK FULL

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Bass Booster Pro takes auto-equalizing to the next level !

Pro Features :

  • Unlimited custom presets
  • Widget (2×1)
  • Preset auto-detection
  • Profiles homescreen shortcuts
  • Tasker Plugin
  • Virtualizer
  • Music visualizer
  • Reverb (Beta ! It doesn’t work on most phones, so it might be removed)
  • Automatic preset on incoming call
  • Start on phone boot
  • Ads-free
  • 20 built-in presets : More Basses, Improve quality, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, Dance, Pop, Rock, Metal, Reggae, Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latino, Acoustic, Classical, Party, Voice Boost, Volume Boost.

Players that support auto-detection :

  • The stock player by Google
  • Google Play Music
  • Player Pro (recommended)
  • JetAudio Player
  • RealPlayer
  • Poweramp
  • Rocket Music Player
  • NRG Player
  • Music Folder Player
  • MortPlayer
  • TTPod Music Mod
  • Meridian
  • ³ (Cubed)
  • DoubleTwist (enable Last.FM scrobbling in DoubleTwist)
  • Winamp (enable Scrobbling and install the Last.FM app)

Preset auto-detection :
This feature allows presets to be automatically adjusted according to the music that is being played. Let’s say that you’re listening to some Alternative Rock music, by default, Bass Booster will automatically choose the Rock preset, but if you create a custom Rock preset, yours will be selected.
But it goes even further ! For example, you could create a Punk Rock preset and a Hard Rock preset and they would be automatically selected. (Android 2.3.3+)
You can also create a preset specifically for a song, album or artist and it will be auto-detected next time you play a matching song.

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Bass Boster Pro v2.4.1 APK FULL