Battlefield Combat: Frontline vBFF.2.5.10 (MOD) APK

Battlefield Combat: Frontline vBFF.2.5.10 (MOD) APK

2030. In World War. You’ll be back in the call of duty.

Europe and Russia have joined as new Eurasian empire against the United States and South America, now known as the continental United States, or UCA, their former ally.
The entire continent of Africa and South Asia, including China, is the apocalyptic hell melted with nuclear weapons. Humanity has done it again.

After three years of endless conflict over remaining oil wells, refineries All Eurasia concentrated in the Russian city of Volgograd, the city front line, also known as Stalingrad. UCA, have exaggerated their oil reserves, desperated resources and has sent all military forces and command them to this city and cut off all obstacles to achieve control over the world’s remaining oil.
90 years after the bloodiest battles of history, the battle of Stalingrad is set to start again!

You, as an elite sniper and soldier of fortune, the real killer marksman contract, is the last line of defense against invaders Eurasia. Or you can choose to be a spear UCA, one of the heroes of the American continent to bring peace and prosperity to America. You and your own rifle in attack or defense against the enemy sniper killer.

Are you up to the challenge in this modern combat simulator?

This is a first person shooter created the largest to date for mobile devices. In this edition of this freedom, you have to use your sniper rifle to shoot or shoot to destroy your enemy and slowly conquered positions, defending the front line in the d-day humanity.




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Battlefield Combat: Frontline vBFF.2.5.10 (MOD) APK