Black Metal Man v5.1 APK

Black Metal Man v5.1 APK


Brutal metal music, exhausting gameplay, awesome power ups and dark graphics. A grim Black Metal game!

You follow the story of a man fleeing from the light and his fight to reach the depths of hell. Be brave as you run, jump, rides a motorcycle, rides the lightning and much more. This is no ordinary man we`re talking about, this is the Black Metal Man.

Turn up the volume and start running.

  • Even outside of the context of the game, I would rate these as pretty fantastic songs, worthy of the frothiest mosh pit.
  • I’m pretty much a pinball girl when it comes to games, but Black Metal Man has changed that.
  • Black Metal Man blends 16-bit gaming action with Bathory and Burzum.


  • Simple one touch controls
  • 6 difficult levels
  • 7 song soundtrack with black metal, trash, heavy and death metal
  • Virtual head banging

Keywords: dark, throne, emperor, mayhem, celtic, frost, venom, 666, satan, hell, satanic, evil, dark, norway, norsk, norge, enslaved, ragnarok, armageddon, doomsday, grindcore, hellfest, chaos






Black Metal Man v5.1 APK