Blade Quest – RPG Runner v1.011 APK

Blade Quest – RPG Runner v1.011 APK

Blade Quest

Blade Quest is a fantasy RPG running game taking place in fantasy world of Aratia. Run through mystical Shadow Forests of goblins, clash with your blade into the daemons of the Winter and compete in epic quests for an epic loot. Run, fight and unlock new skills as in classical RPG games. Sneak in the shadow of the zombies, jump with your blade in to the fight and run for your life in your running quest for Might and Glory.


  • Multiple locations to run!
  • Tons of furious enemies hiding in the shadow to fight.
  • Upgrade you blade and armor.
  • Lots of RPG quests to choose from.
  • Create and customize you rpg runner character.
  • 7 different blade to choose from.




Blade Quest 2

Blade Quest 1

Blade Quest – RPG Runner v1.011 APK