BoBoiBoy Adudu Attacks! 2 v2.73 APK

BoBoiBoy Adudu Attacks! 2 v2.73 APK


Red alert! Attention everybody! Adudu is attacking Rintis Island!
He is sending his spaceships to Earth to steal the most valuable energy resource Cocoa. To protect Rintis Island, you must help BoBoiBoy and his friends. Fight against Adudu’s entire gang and defeat them!

Discover this fun and challenging shooting game on your mobile device! Download BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks! 2 and team up with BoBoiBoy now!


  • Official BoBoiBoy free-to-play game, produced in partnership with Animonsta Studios
  • Original soundtrack from the BoBoiBoy TV animation
  • Over 45 levels available!
  • Revisit all the beautifully designed scenes from BoBoiBoy Season 1 to Season 3
  • 9 challenging boss levels including Adudu, Probe and Super Probe.
  • Unleash all 5 elemental powers to beat Adudu and his evil associates.
  • Power up your BoBoiBoy characters.
  • Different Missions generate more possibilities of game play!




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BoBoiBoy Adudu Attacks! 2 v2.73 APK