Breathe! Quit Smoking GOLD v3.5 (Paid) APK

Breathe! Quit Smoking GOLD v3.5 (Paid) APK


May 31th is World No Tobacco Day! Celebtrate the day with us and 25% off!
Become a part of a community of quitters. Watch your daily successes and how your health is constantly improving. Keep a diary to remind you how you felt and what you’ve experienced during this difficult period.


  •  See your saved money
  •  See your saved time and how many cigarretes you have not smoked
  •  Community – System: Talk to other quitters and help each other
  •  Customize your app with profile pictures and color themes
  •  Diary: Share your thoughts and feelings with the community or your diary
  •  Motivating achievement system: Watch the progress of your achievements
  •  Achievment Genertator: Build your personal achievment with the intuitive Achievement Generator
  •  Share achievements : Share your achievements with the community or via SMS or email
  •  Amazon® Wish List: Import your public Amazon® wishlist.
  •  EMERGENCY Button: Weak moment? Press the button






Breathe! Quit Smoking GOLD v3.5 (Paid) APK