Builder PRO for Minecraft PE v3.2.0 APK Full

Builder PRO for Minecraft PE v3.2.0 APK Full


Builder PRO for Minecraft PE allows you to build everything quick and easy! Are you dream about cool spaceship on your map? Or maybe awesome medieval castle? Now your dreams will come true just by one your click! Surprise your friends with this app!

PRO version Features:

  • Download and build your own schematic files!
  • 3 Additional packs of buildings: Spaceships, Flying ships and Modern houses
  • Change X and Z coordinates of building
  • No advertisements

How to open and build schematic file:

  1. Download .schematic file to your phone
  2. Open file browser and click on .schematic file or just put this file in a special folder


  • More than 310 different creations!
  • 5 different types of buildings
  • Map recovery system
  • Dimensions and screenshot for every creation

How to use:

  1. Open your map in MCPE and stand on position, where you want to build something, then close map.
  2. Open app and choose building
  3. Choose your map
  4. Adjust building starting height or just press Build button
  5. Enjoy your new awesome creation!


Builder PRO for Minecraft PE v3.2.0 APK Full