Candy Crusade v1.0 APK FULL

Candy Crusade v1.0 APK FULL

Candy Crusade

Candy Crusade takes you on a delicious journey through the middle ages in a fun candy swapping puzzle saga game. Crush your candy enemies, whilst enjoying a soda in the safety of your home or office.

The story so far

You have seen all sorts of candy puzzle based games, but now you can embark on a great Candy adventure through the war ravaged middle ages and embark on your own crusade as a brave knight of the round table. You will battle through distant lands such as the Ottoman Wars in Europe. So good luck, be brave and NEVER GIVE UP.

How to Play:

Swap candies in order to match 3 or more of the same type to complete each puzzle. But be warned, each level gets more tricky and addictive as the game progresses. Rest assured, there will be help along the way.

Now lets get started:

  • Swap four candies and be rewarded with the “Crusader Sword”. Line this sword up with other candies of the same color and watch as the line it is in disappear.
  • Make an L-shape with candies of the same type to turn them into the “Mace of the Crusader”. Line it up with two other candies of the same color to make surrounding candies explode.
  • Line up five candies of the same type in a row to be given the honorable “Medieval Shield”. Use this shield to make candies of the same color it is swapped with vanish.
  • Create combinations using the Crusader Sword, the Mace of the Crusader and the Medieval Shield for insanely powerful attacks.
  • Purchase power ups, or earn them by completing specific tasks………….
  • Earn gold coins, or purchase them in-app, to help you buy more lives or purchase power ups.

Are ready to take on this mouth watering crusade journey? Gear up in your crusade knight outfit and get ready to battle.




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Candy Crusade v1.0 APK FULL