Carton – Material Icon Pack v1.14 APK

Carton – Material Icon Pack v1.14 APK


Carton was born from my desire to experiment with material design and create something new and fresh for everyone. You will find hundreds of consistent and simple icons inspired by the study of paper.
Open Carton and discover a new world of icons!


  • 670+ icons
  • Support for all major launcher
  • Support for icons request
  • Search through the icons available
  • Color variant icons
  • Altenative icons
  • Drawer and folder icons
  • Wallpapers section
  • Support for dynamic calendar
  • Material Dashboard app developed by +Jahir Fiquitiva
  • Weekly updates (new icons)

All icons are made in XXX-HDPI resolution (192×192) so they should look clear in every devices.

Alternative icons
If you wish to use an alternative icon for an app, you can do so by holding down the specific icon, this will bring up a popup allowing you to edit the icon. From there, select the icon, then select the icon pack and choose your preferred icon.






Carton – Material Icon Pack v1.14 APK