Christmas Live Wallpaper Full APK

Christmas Live Wallpaper Full APK


Let your phone count you down to Christmas and the New Year!

‘Christmas Live Wallpaper Full’ is a stunning 3D live wallpaper featuring a sparkling animated Christmas Tree of light, and an exciting Countdown to Christmas and the New Year.

This version also features a Happy New Year scene with fireworks, a super realistic 3D Snow Scene, a NEW Clock Scene, a NEW combined Tree & Countdown/Clock Scene, a magical Sky Lanterns scene, plus a bonus Valentine’s day scene, and by popular demand a dedicated Fireworks scene! (That’s 9-Wallpapers-in-1!)

All scenes come with countless customization options, can be enjoyed both as a live wallpaper background or as a fully interactive foreground app where you can look around freely, and quickly customise your settings.

This version contains *lots* of extra features and personalisation options:

  • Christmas Tree scene (with 5 animated camera motions)
  • Countdown scene (Countdown to Christmas, New Year’s Countdown, and more!)
  •  Set your own custom countdown dates! (Ideal for birthdays and anniversaries!)
  • NEW! Combined Christmas Tree + Countdown or Clock (tap to switch between)
  • NEW! Clock scene with sparkling time and date. Great all year round!
  •  Happy New Year scene (with fireworks!)
  •  3D Snow scene (day or night)
  •  Sky Lanterns scene
  •  Fireworks scene
  •  Valentine’s Day scene
  •  The ability to choose any combination of your favourite scenes above for rotation.
  •  A range of vibrant colour schemes, with a beautiful colour cycling mode that sweeps through all the colours of the rainbow.
  •  Gorgeous glowing background light or flare spotlight with shimmering sunbeams.
  •  Choose your favourite camera angles and 3D animation fly-bys.
  •  Snowfall amount and speed.
  •  Additional tree lights.
  •  Exciting 3D Fireworks!
  •  HD options to increase display quality. Great for tablets!
  •  Lots of performance options to help run smoothly and save battery power.
  •  32-bit colour mode for smoother colours.
  • Option to count down in either rounded-up days (the traditional days-to-Christmas method), or a fully accurate and nail-biting Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds method.
  •  Screen positioning and zoom options.
  •  and lots lots more to play with!






Christmas Live Wallpaper Full APK