Code Generator v1.0 APK FULL

Code Generator v1.0 APK FULL


For the success of any software product, the database and its interface is the most crucial tool. We offer a platform which facilitates the dynamically generated source code in no time with very easy/responsive GUI and the APIs such as insert, update, delete, GetList, GetData, sqlite functions, etc…

The source can be deployed and used for any personal or commercial needs. A program to be used from freshers to the experienced professionals.

Who is the audience :

  • Software Organizations
  • Android developers

where to use/apply :

  • Android software product
  • Advanced Knowledge Sharing – To explore the android sqlite using the source code generated, real time basis

What to expect :

  •  Multiple Database structures can be created/maintained
  •  The files generated will be based on the number of tables or as per the user needs
  •  Bug free, ready to use source code-



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Code Generator v1.0 APK FULL