CTA Rit Registratie FULL v2.01e APK

CTA Rit Registratie FULL v2.01e APK


The power of CTA Ride Registration is the app you take a lot of work You fill in a number of locations using the GPS, and the same GPS while driving automatically fills in the journey information but the finest:.. You can the data simply export to Excel, which means you will need a subscription to finish to get a reporting function. and while the app itself is absolutely not the most expensive of its kind is … “


CTA Ride Registration is an excellent addition for car drivers, who are obliged to keep a comprehensive kilometer administration. This app is also useful for corporate drivers, who have to keep their logbook for their clients. In addition, the Excel charts look good and can be placed directly in your Dropbox …. “

Mileage registration with your mobile phone or tablet. The CTA Ride Registration app lets you enter both real-time as your rides afterwards. In the real-time mode, almost all trip data are automatically determined by the app using the GPS module to your device.

All saved rides are easy to look back and to export to an Excel file. Also, you can export all data from the app and import again for backup purposes.

If you encounter problems with the app, please contact us via the Info and Feedback button in the Settings menu.

  •  Mileage registration or recording of mileage
  •  For both car drivers as general journey registration
  •  Supports multiple cars
  •  Background mode
  •  Current speed and distance on the screen
  •  Automatic address recognition
  •  Easy viewing trips
  •  Routes can be converted to Google Earth file format for the PC
  •  Automatic start of the new mission in bluetooth link
  •  Pausing rides
  •  NO online account required as with many other apps that require a monthly subscription
  •  No internet connection required for capturing a ride
  •  Automatic route distance estimation
  •  Import addresses from phone book
  •  Rides Export to Excel (**)
  •  Automatic export to Dropbox (*)
  •  Backup / restore options (*)
  •  DropBox integration (*)
  •  Easily provide to the tax authorities (*)
  •  NEW: Insight via PC / laptop via Web access (*)






CTA Rit Registratie FULL v2.01e APK