Cyber Breaker v1.0.15 (Paid) APK

Cyber Breaker v1.0.15 (Paid) APK

Cyber Breaker is here in the footsteps of the Breakout-like classics, but in a revitalized form! Everything you loved about these games are awaiting, but offering much more! The spiritual representative of the genre takes the gamer to a whole new place filled with glowing neon built structures. And above all that, different tactics are needed to destroy the obstacles using a dozen power-ups!

Cyber Breaker offers tons of fun for everyone with its addictive and fast-paced gameplay!


  • 20 unlockable achievements
  • Over a dozen power ups
  • Different game modes for gamers looking for challenges
  • 100 unique levels each requiring different tactics to fulfill
  • Online High Score leaderboard




Cyber Breaker Screenshot 1

Cyber Breaker 2

Cyber Breaker v1.0.15 (Paid) APK