Download Manager v4.87.12011 APK FULL

Download Manager v4.87.12011 APK FULL


DOWNLOAD MANAGER is the ultimate free file downloader and web browser solution, combining the convenience of Android’s best browser with the features of the most robust media player. Experience download and playback speeds up to 3 TIMES FASTER than the standard Android browser.


Download and manage files of any size with Download Manager for Android, the FREE downloader app that also offers lightning-quick web browsing. Our browser overcomes download issues like authentication, integrity checking, file type limitations and life cycle management, making downloading your favorite content a breeze!

Download Manager – Unlock the internet with blazing speeds and download capabilities!

DOWNLOAD MANAGER FEATURES:Browser Downloader – Desktop Browser Quality With Blazing Speeds

  • Browse With Speed – Video clips and music stream with incredible speed

Desktop Browser Spoof – Chrome, Firefox, iPhone and Safari browser spoofed so you can browse how you like

  • Browse and Customize – Manage bookmarks, browsing tabs and address bar auto-fill suggestions
  • Browse Your Way – Supports HTML 5, Java, HTTP basic authentication and more
  • YouTube and Google Search – Yahoo, Google, YouTube and Twitter search built-in

Music Streaming – Listen to Music Faster Than Ever

  • Simple Music Streaming – YouTube music videos and other online music streams quickly and easily
  • Music Video Tube – Video clips play fastest on our lightning-quick browser
  • Free MP3 Music Player – Playback for mp3 audio files, as well as .aac, and .m4a formats
  • Music Manager – Listen to music in a clean, organized library
  • Download Songs – Downloading music is even faster with new settings just for media

Video Downloader and Player – Playback for videos is ultra-fast

  • Video Clips – Playback within the app supported for videos in .m4a, mp4 and .mov formats
  • Video Search – Find and playback videos online or in your library with a quick and easy search

Free Downloader – Download Up to 3 Times Faster

  • Total Downloader – Download music, movies and more in an elegant interface
  • Download App – Download any file, including unknown file types and files over 2GB
  • File Downloader – Download file types like APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC, XLS and more
  • Free Downloader – Downloading music, videos and more is easy thanks to our free service and amazing speed
  • Manage Downloads – Download Manager Lets You Browse, Pause and More
  • Download Progress – Downloads feature live progress bar and ability to pause or download files in parts to increase efficiency
  • File Downloader – Downloader is stable and instantly picks up dropped downloads
  • Download and Browse – Download in the background while you browse. Pause, resume or cancel at any time
  • Download Customization – Download images to set as a background, or download music to set as a ringtone
    Manager – Manage downloads with custom names, deletion, and file transfer capabilities – all from within the app!

Social Downloads – File Sharing and Social Support

  • Download Manager integrates with apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail and many more
  • Share text, links, images and more on your favorite social sites

Browser download speeds got you down? This downloads manager offers lightning-quick web browsing, crazy download speeds and file management tools that’ll have you playing your favorite movies and music in no time. You’ve never seen a downloader or web browser like this before!





Download Manager v4.87.12011 APK FULL