Dr Woo’s Onslaught: Pro gunman APK FULL

Dr Woo’s Onslaught: Pro gunman APK FULL

Dr Woo's Onslaught Pro gunman

Dr Woo’s Onslaught: A battle in the outer space of a fantasy gunman. The World is occupied by a force in space, Dr Woo turns himself into a gunman with a steel arm to stand up to destroy the force of evil and protect the Earth. In an exciting adventure in the outer space, you will face a lot of monsters and have to kill them, with many obstacles on your way. Each type of these monsters has a different skill to cause you a lot of troubles, be careful!

A fast-pacing fantasy game requires your high concentration and you will be stuck to the endless runway. The further you progess, the more crowded monsters will appear and more imminent danger. How far you can go and how many monsters can you kill?

Let’s join Dr Woo in many destructive Onslaughts to reclaim the world from the monsters outside space and become a Pro Gunman

Especially, with highly cool and creative graphic designs of characters. You will experience relaxing moments in Dr Woo’s Onslaught.

To run and kill a lot of monsters, equip yourself with weapons by accumulating gold coins and gems along the way. Try to kill monsters improve hit points and have a chance to get more gems

Equipment: The supply will reduce after each use and you can only use one equipment for each type. So ensure that you will save your equipment and run as far as possible in this endless war.

  • Shotgun: Buy and use for one playtime. Let’s use it to attack weak monsters.
  • Long Gun: You can buy maximum 3 times in each game. Each gun has different damage levels and different time of use. Try to own the most powerful gun.
  • Armor: The steel arm symbolizes each armor. Dr Woo creates them to upgrade himself in the fantasy world full of blood, fire and crimes.
  • Shield: Use them to shield and protect yourself from damage.


  • Press the right button to fire and use items (Gun, Shield)
  • Click the left button to jump, slide and dodge. Be careful, you have to be very fast because there will be a lot of traps.
  • Focus and know the way each kind of monsters attack to quickly respond to your Gunman





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Dr Woo’s Onslaught: Pro gunman APK FULL