Dragon Stadium v1.8 APK FULL

Dragon Stadium v1.8 APK FULL

Dragon Stadium

Best Dragon Game Ever! All in stunning 3D. Breed your dragons and hatch your eggs to collect them all. Feed and evolve your dragons to increase their power level. Test your fighting skills in Quest Mode, and conquer all of the islands. Take on the Dragon Stadium and become the Master of Dragons


  • Build and upgrade habitats to host your growing dragon collection
  • Breed and collect hundreds of unique dragons
  • Evolve your dragons from newborn babies to their ancient form
  • Master the family trees to collect the rarest dragons
  • Battle through elemental islands to earn incredible rewards
  • The Portal has arrived in Dragon Stadium! Long time ago, portals connected islands far away from each other but, at some point, they stopped working and some dragons were lost. Now, you will be able to rescue these dragons again!
  • Global and Friends Leaderboards added.
  • Discover the Crystal habitats. These habitats produce Crystals instead of gold. Each island you unlock contains one of them!


Owned dragons can now be managed directly from the Dragonarium




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Dragon Stadium v1.8 APK FULL