DramaShot v2.2 PRO APK

DramaShot v2.2 PRO APK


Adds more drama to your life. Drama effect is an android application which helps you turn your wild imaginations into breath taking pictures. Share these pictures with your friends and see their jaws drop. Its possible to create some out of this world pictures with this app that’s not possible with any other.

Drama Effect can do,

  • Multiple Personality photography
  • Levitation photography
  • Ghost effect photography

Images added in this page are some samples of photos created with this app. In Drama Effect get a sequence of photos, seamlessly merge them together, tell a completely new intriguing story, that too using a very simple workflow. work flow is as below

1 : select number of images in shoot Drama Effect needs one background image before starting actual shoot, so if you want to create a multi-personality photograph from five photos then you must select number of images as ‘6’ ( 1 background image + 5 photos of you )

2 : select the shoot mode, Drama Effect supports two types of trigger like

  • self timer – can set timer from 5sec to 90 sec
  • click on clap – state of the art, camera triggered by sound technology. So you don’t need an assistant, just clap when you are ready and it shoots.

3 : keep your phone on a stand and press start

4 : wait for the background image shot, please refrain from entering the shooting area while background image is been shot. Regardless of which shoot mode the background image is taken after 5 sec.

5 : Retouch if needed. In normal cases user may not need to retouch the automatically merged image. This mode provides user with full freedom to express his imagination. Bottom area will shows all images used for drama image creation. If you want to replace any specific part of the final image with the some area of another image, then just select the required image from thumbnail ,select brush and just drag your fingers.It magically blends with the original image. User can adjust the size and opacity of the brush. In some very bad lighting conditions there could be artifacts in automatically merged images. These issues can be solved in touch up mode. if you want to lighten any sharp edge just change the opacity of the brush and draw.



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DramaShot v2.2 PRO APK