EES Equation Solver (Android) v1.3.0 APK FULL

EES Equation Solver (Android) v1.3.0 APK FULL


EES is an acronym for Engineering Equation Solver (c). EES solves systems of linear and non-linear algebraic equations. A major feature of EES is the built-in high accuracy thermodynamic and transport property database that is integrated with the equation solving capability. EES also provides built-in capability to convert variables from one unit set to another and it checks the unit consistency of all equations.

The Android version of EES is limited in its capabilities compared to the much more powerful versions of EES designed for Windows operating systems (F-Chart Software, In addition providing the ability to solve thousands of equations, the Windows version also can also solve parametric tables, do optimization, provide uncertainty analyses, perform linear and non-linear regression, generate publication-quality plots, and provide animation and graphical input and output capabilities. If you would like to learn more about using EES, the best source is the Mastering EES ebook (

EES_Android (6) is designed for Android versions 4 and 5.






EES Equation Solver (Android) v1.3.0 APK FULL