Fahrtenbuch2Go v2.8.1 APK

Fahrtenbuch2Go v2.8.1 APK




With GPS-Support, Voiceoutput (GPS-Trip), WISO-Export and protected PDF-Export!

Please contact the developer if you have any questions. THANKS!

Easy to use drivers logboog for android!

ATTENTION: Please add F2GO to the exclusion-list of any autom. taskkiller or accu-apps. Otherwise F2Go can not function correctly!


  •  Free configurable drivers, cars and purposes of use
  •  Easily record your trips incl. plausibility proofing
  •  Autocomplete of already entered start or destination addresses (time saving for recurrent trips)
  •  Deleting of trips possible
  •  Editing of trips possible (incl. savining of the history)
  •  CSV-Export (E-Mail, Dropbox, etc.) to print out the logbook or doing further tasks
  •  Backup/Restore of the complete logbook (e.g. when changing the phone, new installation, etc.)
  •  Simple statistic (distance) of the configured purposes of use

Explanation of the needed rights:

  •  Ext. Memory (is neede to make the backup/restore and the exports).
  •  Location (is needed for the measurement of the driven distance via GPS)
  •  Networkconnection (is needed to display Google Maps)
  •  Personal Information (Critical Logfiles) is needed to send the developer an crashlogfile after an error occours

Changelog: A detailed changelog is inside the app.

Disclaimer: The accuracy and functionality of the app is no guarantee. For damages, from or through the app, no liability is accepted.






Fahrtenbuch2Go v2.8.1 APK