Fiber Optic Color​Code v2.3.x2 APK FULL

Fiber Optic Color​Code v2.3.x2 APK FULL


Fiber optic color code app is an expanding chart that translates the strand color code of Loose Tube and Ribbon fiber optic cables in an easy to use ‘click to expand’ format.

Multinational support with customizable color code capability for:

  •  2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 and 36 Fiber Loose Tube (1728+F)
  •  12 Fiber Ribbon (864F)
  •  Ribbon in Loose Tube (1728F)

Input Cable Count~ While not necessary to use in the app. You can enter a full complex cable count that can be split into the group size of your choice at the Count Input screen or you can select the ‘Color Code’ button to have your custom cable count placed in the easy to use expanding chart where you can locate a loose tube or ribbon cable’s fiber optic color code, sheath count, and your own custom entered complex cable count on fiber optic cables of up to 1728+ fibers in size.

Locate fibers with or without cable counts in the ‘Find a Fiber’ option. Simply enter a strand # without a cable count or enter the ‘Cable,Fiber’ if you’re using a complex cable count (app auto detects if there’s a count or not). The app will then auto expand and place index pointers at the found fibers locations.

Smart Save

Lets you save up to 3 cable counts on your device. (Cable counts are not required to operate app)

Smart Save short instruction:

Enter a count, select one of the 3 positions to save to, then click the ‘Color Code’ button.

Smart Save color legend:

  • Green= Vacant position
  • Black= Count already in position
  • Red= Existing count to be overwritten
  • Blue= Saved successfully

Double Space auto punctuation

Instead of having to go back and forth between character mode and symbol mode on the device keyboard. You can now simply tap the space bar twice to place a comma after the cable name, then double tap the space bar again after the low strand # for a dash symbol. Double tapping a third time after the high value creates a new line for your next line of count.

Make and save up to 15 custom fiber optic color code combinations to your specification. Select ( the options menu > multinational > custom setup ) to create the fiber optic color code of your choice on loose tube or single core ribbon cables.

This latest update also lets you choose how many fibers are in a tube. By allowing you to set the tubes in a 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 24, or 36 fibers per tube configuration.

For the fiber optic color code of ribbon in loose tube try my telecom color code app which contains a variation of this app and much more.






Fiber Optic Color​Code v2.3.x2 APK FULL