Glow Burst v4.2 (Paid) APK

Glow Burst v4.2 (Paid) APK


Glow Burst requires a sharp mind and a quick touch. Tap or swipe through the glowing numbers as fast as you can from least to greatest. Each glow burst earns you points and extra time. Complete a round to get even more bonus time. It sounds simple but be warned that it’s very addicting!

Optimized for all Android smartphones and tablets!


  •  123, Easy, Medium, and Hard Levels. Perfect for kids and adults!
  •  Global leaderboards, achievements, and turn-based multiplayer
  •  Glowing graphics with cool animations, sounds, and explosive fireworks
  •  Each round gets harder and will challenge all age groups
  •  Background music that speeds up as time decreases
  •  Google Play Game Services integration






Glow Burst v4.2 (Paid) APK