GPS Status Pro v7.4 APK Full

GPS Status Pro v7.4 APK Full

GPS Status is Essential, efficient and lightweight. It will not take more than 800k of memory. It’s designed and developed with performance and efficiency in mind.

GPS Status also works without internet connection. (location share functionality might be limited)

GPS Status shows:

  •  unused/used satellites;
  •  speed (km/h or mph);
  •  altitude (meters or feet);
  •  accuracy (meteres or feet);
  •  latitude, longitude both in decimal and degrees format.

It also features a magnetic compass and the ability to share your current location with your friends or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

You may also decide to share your current location via SMS, Hangouts or any other instant messaging app such as Whatsapp or Telegram.

The very new feature of the newly released version is a bookmark section that lets you quickly review all your pinned location. Every bookmark will also come with a small arrow pointing toward that point.

Possible usages are:

  •  save your parking spot and find it later;
  •  save a good photo place;
  •  measure aerial space between two or more points




GPS Status Pro v7.4 APK Full