Gym Guru Pro, Workout, Fitness v1.54 APK

Gym Guru Pro, Workout, Fitness v1.54 APK


Download Gym Guru Pro NOW for only $0.99 and finish 2014 off with the Guru at your command!

Gym Guru Pro is the ad-free, fully-featured version of Gym Guru – the premier workout generator and fitness application for Android. If you’re ready to begin a new fitness regimen or your current routine is stale and ineffective, let the Guru do the heavy lifting and design your workouts for you.

Gym Guru generates highly effective, customized workout routines to help you maximize your time in the gym and help you reach your fitness goals. Simply supply Gym Guru with some basic information and watch as your entire workout routine is generated within seconds.

Don’t get a trainer. Get the Guru.

Gym Guru eliminates confusion you might have when choosing a routine and is an excellent alternative to expensive personal training services. The workout generator uses a system of “educated randomness” to deliver workouts that are highly-effective, yet fresh and exciting. Animations are provided for each exercise to display proper form and technique. Gym Guru also allows you to track and review workout data to help you optimize progress
and stay motivated as you achieve your fitness goals.

Gym Guru is available in both English and Spanish and comes with a simple, yet stylish user interface that allows for quick navigation and seamless execution of app functions.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Generate custom workouts based on your availability, experience level, focus bodypart, and fitness goal
  • Easily tweak your workouts exactly to your liking by reordering routine days and exercises, adding/removing exercises, and editing sets and reps
  • Includes an action bar for simple and convenient navigation
  • Features drag and drop functionality
  • Save workout programs for later with the Workout Manager (Gym Guru Pro exclusive)
  • Advanced workout programs for quicker, most effective results (Gym Guru Pro exclusive)
  • Supercharge your workouts by adding advanced intensity techniques – supersets, drop sets, and rest pause sets (Gym Guru Pro exclusive)
  • Track your workouts as you complete them by logging sets, reps, and weight for each exercise






Gym Guru Pro, Workout, Fitness v1.54 APK