HB-Spritverbrauch v11.1 APK FULL

HB-Spritverbrauch v11.1 APK FULL


With HB-fuel consumption you manage easily your fuel and vehicle expenses,
Private and business journeys with integrated logbook.

  •  Clear representation in all areas
  •  Manageable 8 trucks, 3 pictures u. 4 documents per Cars
  •  Various statistics:
    All data, yoy, annual data, monthly data, from-to data
    Weekdays evaluation, as text and graphics (full version).
    Evaluation of cost, price per liter, fuel consumption, distance, days.
    Display of Minimum Average and Maximum values.
  •  CSV Import / Export / Excel format
  •  PDF reports with email delivery.
  •  Manual Backup / Restore, AutoBackup of databases (eg on SD card)
  •  Backup / Restore to / from Dropbox.
  •  Data storage in an SQL database, access from
    SQL database tools possible.
  •  Grid view of the refueling operations,
    Columns individually / show.
  •  Administrative costs: costs in the cost element
    “Repair, Service, Other, Event”, etc. incl. 4
    Scan documents are created.
  •  Simple logbook.
    Automatic Orteingabe possible via GPS.
  •  Tankort management, Tankort is at refueling input
    saved automatically and can then be selected.
  •  Automatic- and manual Tankort detection possible via GPS.
  •  Input either milage or distance traveled
    can be adjusted.
  •  Tank document scan is saved as an image to tank entry.
  •  Natural gas / LPG, electric car support.






HB-Spritverbrauch v11.1 APK FULL