Hide Rooting Premium v1.2 APK FULL

Hide Rooting Premium v1.2 APK FULL

Apps apps on rooted phones that are not available in the financial application or enterprise application or game application can be used as a click of a button that allows “hide” rooting.
And financial applications that enable the rooting Hide your
And rooting Hide button again to restore the original rooting.

[The advantages of a premium version]
No Ad
widget function
additional hide logic

[App does not work!!]
Normal app does not work, are most likely if the app could not acquire root privileges in the superuser app. Hide rooting the grant superuser root of the App window occurs, must be approved superuser app and press the program normally be permitted if it please




Hide Rooting Premium Screenshot 2

Hide Rooting Premium Screenshot 1

Hide Rooting Premium v1.2 APK FULL