Hooman Invaders Tower Defense v1.3 (Mod) APK

Hooman Invaders Tower Defense v1.3 (Mod) APK

Hooman Invaders is a classic TD game with awesome 2D Graphics.


  •  AD FREE classical tower defense game
  •  15 campaign missions
  •  4 tower designs with 3 upgrade levels
  •  2 different game modes
  •  Active and alert strategic gameplay
  •  Facebook login and leaderboard
  •  Optimized for a wide range of Android devices
  •  New strategic layer that grants full control over your towers
  •  Offline mode

Hooman Invaders is a FREE tower defense game developed by ASSIST Software in Suceava, Romania. Read more about the game: http://hooman-invaders.com

“Our tower defense game “Hooman Invaders” plunges you straight in the middle of a conflict where everything is at stake, namely the very survival of the noble Orc Horde that you, as a gamer, have the sacred duty to protect and steer towards undisputed victory against the vicious and relentless “Hooman Invaders”. No small task, by any means, but in the end a most rewarding endeavor and indeed a privilege once the enemy has been destroyed and peace restored. So, ready the troops, load the cannons and hit’em with everything you’ve got! To victory!”

About our company: https://assist-software.net

“ASSIST Software Romania specializes in outsourcing software development projects. Based in Eastern Europe, we are operating in a challenging economy that creates a fertile environment for Information Technology and business outsourcing. Our team has a solid and proven track record, delivering high quality and timely services.

Founded in 1992, ASSIST Software is present on the international market as a supplier of innovative solutions, adding business value through technology implementation at a professional level. Focusing our activities toward developing complex software products, ASSIST Software provides consistent results in emerging fields such as mobile and web-based custom business applications, e-commerce, e-payment, e-security, e-health and enterprise & resource planning, entertainment and gaming industry.”

Submitted for IMGA Best FREE Tower Defense of 2017




Hooman Invaders Tower Defense v1.3 (Mod) APK