Hyperspace Watch Face v1.2.6 APK FULL

Hyperspace Watch Face v1.2.6 APK FULL


Hyperspace Watch Face is a futuristic interactive watch face for Android Wear.
Allows to set configuration of the watch face and to select color presets directly on the watch.
Number of useful widgets included.
For some widgets available detailed info in the popups.

Key features:

  • Interactive watch face!
  • Cool themes.
  • Weather detailed info
  • Weather forecast for 3 days
  • Month/Date
  • Day of the week
  • 12/24 hour digital time
  • Second time zone
  • Watch battery level
  • Phone battery level
  • Interactive stopwatch with popup panel
  • Step counter synchronized with your Watch embedded pedometer (steps, km, miles)
  • Alarm.
  • Moon phase and day.
  • Heartbeat rate
  • Missed calls
  • Calendar events
  • Unread SMS
  • Popup panel with missed calls list and unread sms reader tab.
  • Map shortcut.


  • Enable/disable of using selected theme in ambient mode.
  • Select weather update period
  • Select temperature unit (Fahrenheit,Celsius)
  • Select atmospheric pressure unit (Hectopascals or Millimetres of mercury)
  • Select distance unit (steps,km,miles)
  • Screen timeout option.
  • Second time zone settings.






Hyperspace Watch Face v1.2.6 APK FULL