Iconic: Icon Maker,Logo Design v1.5.3 APK FULL

Iconic: Icon Maker,Logo Design v1.5.3 APK FULL


This app is meant for developers and designers.Using iconic you can create stunning icons and use them in apps and websites across all platforms.

Iconic includes a staggering amount of free icons – over 3,000 – ready for you to use, including the following amazing icon sets:

  •  Material Design
  •  Font Awesome
  •  Linea
  •  Entypo
  •  Open Iconic
  •  Themify

With Iconic you can create beautiful icons in mere seconds, exportable up to a resolution of 2048×2048 pixels. The various features in Iconic include:

  •  Multiple Exports – Icons may be exported in several resolutions at once.
  •  Templates – Icon designs can be saved for future use and editing
  •  Search – The thousands of icons in Iconic can be searched by name
  •  Shadows – Create outstanding icons using short and long shadows

Iconic comes with a multitude of functions to create icons quickly and effortlessly. The various functions that can be performed on the icons include positioning, rotating, scaling etc. The corner radius of the icon can be altered to create square, rounded and circlular icons with only a tap on the screen. All icons are created from SVG or scalable vector graphics. The source code of all the icons is also available from within the app.

All this, and more, make Iconic an integral part of any designers go-to tools. Iconic helps you save development iteration time by providing a quick and easy way to make original and delightful user interfaces. Begin your journey into the universe of graphic design by downloading Iconic.

Note: The icon sets used in Iconic each come with their own licenses, which have been included in the app for convenience. The icon sets are also freely available to download from their respective websites, which have also been included in the app.


Iconic: Icon Maker,Logo Design v1.5.3 APK FULL