Kids baby phone with animals v1.2.7 APK FULL

Kids baby phone with animals v1.2.7 APK FULL


“Baby phone” is an engrossing educational game for young children. The app will help parents turn the ordinary smartphone into an entertaining and exciting children’s toy. The young player will be introduced various animals and their sounds, while taking the opportunity to learn numbers and play a fun button-hitting game.

Features and advantages of the game:

  • The game presents 20 different animals, both domestic and wild, along with the sounds they produce for the toddler to learn and appreciate. The appearance of animals is introduced by a bunch of funny pictures, while their sounds can always be heard on the other end of the line.
  • The game will help your child learn the numbers, which it furnishes in bright and colorful buttons.
  • The opportunity to make a call, with the selected animal picking up the phone after a few buzzers, is the most exciting part of the game. A whole zoo is awaiting for the kid in the phone book. Here are: squirrel, sheep, snake, goat, cow, kitten, chicken, rooster, lion, elephant, horse, mouse, monkey, panda, penguin, parrot, pig, dog, tiger and duck.
  • The app includes a fun game to improve attentiveness and fine motor skills of the toddler.
  • The game features catchy tender tunes.
  • The simple and intuitive game interface causes no difficulties even for children of kindergarten age.

How to play:

  • Call up an animal. Hit the call button to see the full list of animals as pictures in the phone book. The kid touches the picture he or she likes and the animal takes the call within a few seconds.
  • Play with the buttons. The arcade mini-game requires the child to focus attention on the buttons shown on the screen. When the game begins, one of the buttons starts tilting. The task is to hit the wobbling one to score. If the child misses, the button will continue to swing until being hit.
  • Take calls from the animals. Now and then, you will receive calls from your animal friends!

“Babyphone” can be easily transformed from a simple preschool game into a genuine educational tool for improving your child’s skills. The way you first introduce the numbers to your toddler is crucial, since it should be exciting enough to spark the interest in the kid. Tell your babe about the numbers displayed on the screen. Encourage him or her to touch the number you are speaking of. The bright colors of the buttons will help the child remember the new information.

Learning about new animals will broaden the outlook of your toddler and help develop the skill to distinguish between the sounds they make. Come up with some rhymes to the names of the animals for your child to remember them easier. These could be, for example, ‘a goat on the road’ or ‘a cat in a hat’ etc. All the animal sounds presented in the game are clear and distinct, so the young player is unlikely to confuse them. The unusual presentation of the sounds in the form of a phone call is bound to give a greater effect than a simple explanation of what this or that animal says. You can also play “Babyphone” with your child while going out for a walk. Upon catching sight of a cat or dog, offer the kid to call up the animal and listen to what it says. You may let the child make a call before going to bed to wish good night to their favorite beast.



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Kids baby phone with animals v1.2.7 APK FULL