King Calculator Premium 1.2.4 APK FULL

King Calculator Premium 1.2.4 APK FULL

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The best calculator for Android. Easy to use, intuitive and functional, it’s the only calculator that really allows work with fractions. With 5 beautiful themes for you to choose from and three screen layouts to best fit your needs. King Calculator is designed to be useful to anyone, from kids to grown-ups, so whether you are looking for a basic or advanced calculator, King Calculator is the app you need. It’s excellent for schoolwork, college/university studies, sciences, engineering or anything else you had in mind. The flexible display of the calculator allows you to input and edit everything, with syntax highlighting to ease your work.

The calculator can handle complex expressions with brackets, mathematical operation priority, mathematical functions and fractions.

If you choose to work with the scientific display, you will enjoy a fully functional scientific calculator that can even draw graphs of functions.

A history of your calculations and their result is automatically saved and you may view it and use a previous expression again if you like.

Features :

  • The Simple calculator display supports:
    • Classic calculator functionality
    • Fractions support
    • Percentage support
    • Memory variables
    • Ans button, that saves the last result for the next expression.
    • Calculations history
    • Equations editor
    • Optional Casio style memory/percentage functionality.

  • Scientific calculator display supports:
    • Everything available in the simple display
    • Trigonometric functions ( Sine, cosine, tangent, arcsine, arcosine, arctan, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic tangent)
    • Exponents, you can raise a number to any power.
    • Squared root and cubed root (or any other root using the exponentiation button)
    • Factorial and modulo operations
    • Logarithmic functions
    • Absolute value function and more.
    • Ciel and floor functions.
    • Plotting/Graphing functions.


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King Calculator Premium 1.2.4 APK FULL