Lamper VR: First Flight APK

Lamper VR: First Flight APK

Lamper VR

In this VR runner game, you will fight your way to safety through a series of treacherous tunnels through the eyes of a firefly bug called Lamper. The Lampers’ kingdom was attacked, and they are now fleeing for their lives. Explore the world of Lampers, through a seamless virtual reality experience.

For the best Cardboard experience, check out Lamper Cardboard VR, designed specifically for Google Cardboard players!

“What may be the best Cardboard game yet.” – CNET
“This game has beautiful graphics and is a great way to have fun with your Google Cardboard. This is definitely one of the best Cardboard-games we have tried so far!” – VR Bites
“Lamper could be the best game for Google Cardboard so far.” – Tech Times


  • Google Cardboard
  • Stooksy
  • Durovis Dive
  • Refugio 3D
  • VRTX One
  • VR Smartview
  • ColorCross
  • Nibiru
  • Homido




Lamper VR Screenshot 2

Lamper VR Screenshot 1

Lamper VR: First Flight APK