Legendary Heroes MOBA v2.2.3 MOD APK Full

Legendary Heroes MOBA v2.2.3 MOD APK Full


Every War has its Heroes … Some Heroes become Legends.

The greatest battle of all time has begun. Heroes from all universes are invited to show their power and prove which is the best team

MOBA , ACTION REAL-TIME STRATEGY For the first time on Android, experience an Action Real-Time Strategy(Action RTS) game. If you enjoy MOBA games, you will love Legendary Heroes!

INTENSE ACTION AND TOUCH CONTROLS Quick and intense matches with touch controls tailored for Android MOBA experience.

HEROES WITH UNIQUE SPECIAL POWERS 4 unique special abilities per character.

KEEP PROGRESS ACROSS MATCHES Keep the leveling progress of each Hero across matches and develop as many of them as you want.

HOURS OF GAME PLAY IN CAMPAIGN MODE Thirty maps providing unique MOBA challenges for all players – beginners or veterans.



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Legendary Heroes MOBA v2.2.3 MOD APK Full