Live Storm Pro Wallpaper v1.0.10 APK FULL

Live Storm Pro Wallpaper v1.0.10 APK FULL


This live wallpaper features a spectacular thunderstorm sky with moving clouds, rain, and occasional lightning. With this Pro version, you can customize your scene fully, from choosing the sky color to the trees and windmills on the hill. When you swipe to change home screens, the scene moves with parallax effect to simulate 3D space.

Pro Features

  • Choose a sky color from a collection of themes that suits your taste. Currently available: silver, violet, and classy black & white. We are constantly adding other themes to the Pro version.
  • Choose from a variety of hill scenes: different trees and windmills
  • Touch the screen to create lightning
  • Make the phone vibrate when lightning
  • Use accelerometer to change the direction of the rain drop when you tilt your phone
  • Customize lightning and rain
  • Customize the trees, and the animals
  • Customize the windmills, or add interaction to them






Live Storm Pro Wallpaper v1.0.10 APK FULL