Loterias Mobile Pro v2.5.3 APK FULL

Loterias Mobile Pro v2.5.3 APK FULL


Supported Lotteries:

  • Mega-Sena
  • Lotofácil
  • Quina
  • Lotomania
  • Timemania
  • Double Sena

The Lotteries Mobile is Brazil’s most complete and flexible application in the dissemination of results of Lottery cash. It is ideal to manage and check your bets major lotteries in Brazil. Register your games and let the application do the notification and conference their bets as soon as a result is released.

In addition, the Mobile Lottery has several features that facilitate its life bettor. Ideal for managing sweepstakes and share results with friends by WhatsApp. Among the many features, it allows you to generate printed steering wheels, ready to be read in the lottery registers, and also compare your games with all previous competitions to verify that already had awards.

Check out the full list of features:

  • Group Creation (Predictor) to facilitate the management of games
  • tens of exclusion for the generation of little surprises: In New Game tab, a dozen hold to enable the deletion mode. When selecting the dozens, in the generation of little surprise, they will not be included.
  • little surprise Generation based on Statistics Contests
  • Contest Results ordered in decreasing order based on the number of hits.
  • Generate your fly by the application as a PDF file, ready to print, simply cut and place your bet on a lottery!
  • Share your results by also WhatsApp!
  • Lottery Cash available: Mega-Sena, Lotofácil, Quina, Lotomania, Timemania Dual Sena
  • Create games and the desired association contests
  • teimosinhas creation with notification for expired teimosinhas
  • little surprises Creation: creates a random game
  • Shake Mode: creates little surprises to shake the device
  • View the complete competition results
  • Search for previous contests
  • Sending the result by email
  • Notification of selected competitions: receive notifications for each lottery, so a result is released by the Twitter box or on the official website of the Lottery Cash
  • Export and import games by lottery
  • Consultation of games associations: see which contests a game is associated
  • game Query: Create a game and check the amount of correct answers for previous contests
  • Consultation delays of tens: number of contests that a dozen is not drawn
  • Consultation occurrences of tens: number of times that a dozen were drawn among all competitions
  • delays and events Graphics



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Loterias Mobile Pro v2.5.3 APK FULL