Lucid Launcher PRO v5.915 APK FULL

Lucid Launcher PRO v5.915 APK FULL

Lucid Launcher Pro

Lucid Launcher Pro unlocks various features for Lucid Launcher and will also receive updates earlier than the free version.

Pro Version Unlocks:

  • Custom Search Text (Look at screenshots)
  • Ability to hide app label in favorites bar
  • More Page Transition Animations
  • Vertical Page Transitions
  • More Home Pages
  • Custom Sidebar Theme
  • Multiple other Sidebar Settings
  • More Gestures
  • Ability to include Hidden Apps in Search Results
  • More Folder Icon Styles
  • Folder Color Options
  • No Ads
  • Other Cool Features


What’s New

  • Actionbar scrolls with built in browser
  • Updated Google logo for built in browser homepage (about:home)
  • Download improvements via browser
  • file upload ability via browser
  • Actionbar scrolls with webView
  • Ability to view local files in browser. ex: “file:///sdcard/test.html”
  • indication of what tab you are on with bold text in tab
  • Bug fixes & general changes



Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot 2

Lucid Launcher Pro Screenshot 1

Lucid Launcher PRO v5.915 APK FULL