Magnify for Instagram v1.0.2 Full APK

Magnify for Instagram v1.0.2 Full APK


Magnify for Instagram helps your photos on the network reach more people by adding suitable tags without breaking your flow and switching apps.

Adding tags in Instagram is a piece of cake with Magnify and its Automagic Insertion™,

  • Open Instagram and choose your photo
  • While writing the caption just type and available category of tags in the format magnify{tagcategory} or magnify_{tagcategory} . For example, if you’re posting a cityscape you can type magnifyurban or magnify_urban
  • Give a space after typing in the magical word and voila! Your tags are automagically inserted in a jiffy.

More Features

  •  Schedule your posts for Instagram and be notified when its time to post (just tap on the notification to post to Instagram)
  •  Add custom tags along with the supplied ones for your personalized tagging needs
  •  Repost without having to open this app, directly from Instagram.

How to Repost on Instagram?

  •  On your Instagram feed just click the options button and choose “Copy Share URL”
  •  Choose “Share” in the dialog that comes up
  •  Instagram is launched with the pic that you chose to share. Proceed, and paste the Photo Credit which is already copied to your clipboard

Pro Features

  •  Access all preset tag categories
  •  Schedule unlimited posts at a time
  •  Add your own custom tags, as many as you want
  •  Repost photos from other accounts to your feed


The tags provided here are tested to work on a variety of photos posted on Instagram. However, the reach of your photo also depends on the quality and composition of your photo that you choose to share.

Hence, Upcurve Labs doesn’t bear any responsibility or liability in the event your post doesn’t get much reach inspite of using these supplied tags, and thus CANNOT BE BLAMED OR HOLD RESPONSIBLE for the same.

Enjoy the app, and more updates are on their way.

P.S. – “Magnify for Instagram” is in no way affiliated with Instagram, and the name Instagram™ and Instagram Logo are trademarks of Instagram.






Magnify for Instagram v1.0.2 Full APK