Maze Dungeon v1.14 APK FULL

Maze Dungeon v1.14 APK FULL


If you love mazes, dungeons and adventures – this game is for you!Your hero is a treasure hunter, who came down to the dungeon of mazes. And, as you know, mazes and dungeons always have a lot of treasures, waiting for brave heroes! But be careful, it is a rare occasion when treasures are left unguarded!

In the game you will find:

  1. The infinite number of mazes of various sizes (dungeons are randomly generated).
  2. Stone, wood and sand mazes.
  3. Wonderful treasures, the value of which depends on the complexity of mazes. Bonuses.
  4. Leaderboard – compete with other players!
  5. Flexible controls – select buttons or inclination, buttons on the right or on the left!
  6. Play the campaign or create you own maze – select the size and other parameters.

Assistants in your maze adventures:

  1. Faithful six-shooter revolver. Just in case…
  2. Labels. Will help you to mark dead-ends and other places as you wish.
  3. Flare missile. Will help you to find path and reference points.





Maze Dungeon v1.14 APK FULL