messageLOUD: Texts&Email aLOUD v4.38 (Premium) APK

messageLOUD: Texts&Email aLOUD v4.38 (Premium) APK


Primary functions:

  •  Text messages automatically read aloud
  •  WhatsApp messages automatically read aloud
  •  Email automatically read aloud
  •  Incoming callers announced out loud
  •  ‘Read my inbox’ for existing emails to be read aloud
  •  Dismiss, delete or call the sender back with simple eyes-free screen swipes/taps
  •  Auto start when you get behind the wheel
  •  Will not read promotional emails or signatures
  •  Three distinct modes for when you are Driving; Exercising or Working


  •  Text message auto responder. (Fully configurable.)
  •  VIP lists, Blacklists & Address Book Only features. (Configure which messages to read out loud.)
  •  Bluetooth connection auto start. (Starts Drive Mode automatically when you get into your car.)
  •  Set the length of time each message is read.
  •  Enable/disable automatic reading aloud.
  •  Reads your messages in the order that they arrived, irrespective of message type.
  •  Simple sign-in with your email address.
  •  Will pause reading messages aloud when you get a call and resume when you are done.
  •  Pauses reading messages aloud when your navigation needs to give you directions, and resumes when it is done.
  •  Pauses your music playing (or audiobook, podcast etc) to read your messages, and resumes playing when done.
  •  Screen brightness dims to 75% to preserve battery life: in Drive & Work modes.
  •  Reads your messages even if your screen is turned off. (Great for battery life, when active or when driving at night.)

You can also download and use a ‘premium’ voice of your choice. Simply search ‘Text to speech’ in the Google Play Store. (Remember to load as your default TTS in your device Settings.)






messageLOUD: Texts&Email aLOUD v4.38 (Premium) APK