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  • Mimi 4chan Reader (donate) v5.0.11 APK FULL

Mimi 4chan Reader (donate) v5.0.11 APK FULL

Mimi 4chan Reader (donate) v5.0.11 APK FULL


Browsing 4chan has never been easier or more fun. Now with more customization options, you get to create your own experience!

Open threads and swipe to browse with the browser layout
Group threads together that you want to keep track of with the tabbed layout
Quickly open single threads with the sliding panel layout

Personalize your experience further by changing the app colors. If you don’t like the green of the greentext, change it to whatever you want.
Does the toolbar color make you angry? Change it! We have tons of colors to choose from.

Check out these features

  •  built-in webm support
  •  faster thread loading
  •  swipe between full images in the image gallery
  •  view thumbnail images in a grid
  •  swipe between threads while reading
  •  better thread update notifications
  •  better and more reliable posting
  •  improved auto refresh

This is the short list of changes. I’m not even sure what the long list is.

Get ready to browse 4chan like a pro!






Mimi 4chan Reader (donate) v5.0.11 APK FULL